New Year's Resolutions: They're Dumb

Rian Schmidt

January 01, 2022

But I do them anyway... so here they are.

This year's resolutions include:

  • Dryuary
  • Writing more for this blog


The other day I read that 18% of Americans have a problem with alcohol. Maybe it's just the crowd I run with, but that seems ridiculously low. I know a couple people who don't drink at all or can have one drink every two weeks and not care.

I know a whole lot more who just drink more than they probably should, myself included. The pandemic has only exacerbated that.

What's more than I should? The fact that I wonder answers that question in my mind. Do I consider myself an alcoholic? Not really. But if I can't stop drinking for some arbitrary amount of time, maybe that's a question I need to look at.

Hence, Dryuary.

Writing more for this blog

I love to write. Always have. I write and write and delete and delete. I have a tendency to overshare, I guess (see "Dryuary"). But I also love to teach. Writing is a great outlet for that-- sharing the dozens of things I learn in a given day in my various jobs as a CTO and consultant (and father and partner and dog-owner and...)

Most of them are painfully technical, and so if you're not into that, I apologize. Some aren't. So, I guess I should apologize to the other people for that. And, finally, while I'm at it, I'll apologize for how short and poorly edited they're going to be.

Anyway, the best New Year's Resolutions are "quantifiable". This one is "write more". How much more? You know. More.